A range of services to meet your specific needs

Becoming an Ariba Network supplier is the best way to fully participate in today's digital economy, meet the demands of procurement leaders, and drive sales. If you ever need help with taking advantage of the features and benefits of Ariba Network, or with responding to a customer’s e-commerce initiative, call on SAP Ariba Supplier Services and Support. We offer several programs to help you get the answers and expertise you need.


Global support resources

  • Ariba Answers – A helpful source of information that provides answers to questions about SAP Ariba and joining Ariba Network, from getting started to growing your business.
  • Ariba Exchange User Community – This always-on resource can provide you with the right information at the right time, right when you’re in the middle of using Ariba Network. In addition to getting answers with easy-to-use search, you can share best practices, detailed documentation, and customer examples while you collaborate with experts and peers. You'll find both the Learning Center and Support Center at the link.


Commerce Assistance team

When you're a Platinum or Gold Ariba Network supplier, the Commerce Assistance team is available to help you with...


SAP Ariba Supplier technical support

When you become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Ariba Network supplier, you can receive technical support that includes...

  • assistance with account configuration; catalog formatting and validation; and integration of your back-end systems with Ariba Network
  • direct access to technical support engineers via phone or web-form
  • guaranteed, 24/7 support for high-priority technical issues
  • one-hour response time
  • access to a variety of online, self-help tools

Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze subscriptions are applicable to all regions except Southern Africa, Brazil, and Chile. To learn more, click here.


Project-based strategic and technical consulting services

Engagements are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing clear, concise, and actionable recommendations. Service areas include:

  • strategic planning – Develop your overall B2B e-commerce strategy, gain buy-in from key stakeholders, and perform gap analysis.
  • technical implementations – Extend your B2B infrastructure into the cloud. Have your in-house resources trained in solution implementation. Get SAP Ariba’s insights into optimal specifications and protocols.
  • testing – Recommended testing processes and best practices for provisioning test environments. We can also execute and troubleshoot your B2B e-commerce solutions; for example, we can test them against functional Ariba applications provisioned in a testing environment.
  • content development and expansion – Configure your current systems for PunchOut.

To learn more about SAP Ariba consulting services, email CommerceAssistance@sap.com.